Oracle Voiceovers

"let us speak for you!"

about us

Oracle's origin

Oracle (to speak well) Voiceovers, officially began in June 2017. I'd been using my voice to imitate cartoon characters, news anchors and others, since I was a kid and later began using my God given gift while acting in plays, short films and television shows. Yet, there was something more... I discovered that I wanted to create and produce quality voiceovers, that aren't "announcey" or scripted sounding!

Instead, every word, sentence, phrase spoken or thought conveyed, had to come from that of a more natural, believable, compelling and appealing voice to any viewer or listener alike...and Voila, Oracle Voiceovers was born!  This is who we are, what sets us apart, and why we have so much fun creating and producing amazing voiceovers - which are some of the reasons we'd like you to.."let us speak for you!"

Current projects

Include using voiceovers to: 

  • Personalize voicemails for individuals and entrepreneurs
  • Perform puppet presentations for events such as; birthday parties, churches, daycare centers, and more
  • Dramatize characters for animation, audiobooks, tv/radio, elearning, marketing and political ads, just to name a few                                                                                                                      

                                                                    But wait, there's more...

Available for projects

In most cases, we can turnaround your project within 24-48 hours, in either mp3, mp4, wav or any desired format you choose, without compromising on quality or failing to convey the right message to your target audience or market! 

So feel free to check out our audio demos below, which further detail our skills and experience. Then, if you like what you hear,"let us speak for you", by partnering with you to meet your production, promotion or advertising needs. 

After all...

                         "advertising, is always good news!"

                                                         Phyllis Cicero - KD Studios


"...this is too cute, great job Aaron! I really appreciate you for sharing your gift and creative energy with us and our "Bedtime  Stories" book series for kids."                     


                                                                                         Vara Allen-Jones

                                                                                         National Program Director

                                                                                         Jack and Jill Foundation of America, Inc.                                                                                                                             



To schedule a voiceover or audition, contact me...

Aaron Jackson